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    Doina Reghis Ionescu

    She was born on September 9, 1951 in Ineu (Arad County, Roumania). She began her training at the art high-school in Timișoara, class teachers Cosnstantin Flondor, Ștefan Bertalan and Szakacs Bella, and continued her studies at the Institute of Fine Arts „Nicolae Grigorescu”, Monumental Painting Departement, in București under professor Vasile Celmare. In 1988 she becom a member of the Romanian Fine Artists’ Union. In 2008, the artist obtain the scientific title of Ph D in Visual Arts

    The compositional construction was her constant concern. In her compositions with various themes the interest is felt for rhythmic forms and motives, climbing lines, dynamism, sometime undulate, creating new forms and expressive structures. In development works she appeal a lot of figurative and nonfigurative subjects for a decorative aspect. Doina Reghiș Ionescu propose a journey into a conceptual universe where the symbols are integrated into rigorous selected images. The palette with some transparency is maintained by an ample repertory of warm grays tones.


    1951 geboren in Ineu, Arad, Rumänien
    2008  Ph. D – Visual Arts


    2009 Slowenische Botschaft, Bukarest, Rumänien
    2007, Galeria Forma, Deva, Rumänien
    2005 Galeria Helios, Timisoara, Rumänien
    2004 Museum of Art, Brasov, Rumänien


    2015 “Present continuous”, FIVEPLUS Art Gallery, Wien , Österreich
    2012 Biennale „Gh. Petrascu”, Targoviste, Rumänien
    2012 Biennale „Ion Andreescu”, Buzau, Rumänien
    2011-2012 Romanian Drawing, Bukarest, Rumänien
    2011 Internationale Biennale „Meeting Point”, Arad, Rumänien
    2011 Nationale Biennale der Kunst  „Lascăr Vorel”, Piatra Neamt, Rumänien
    2012 Internationael Biennale Zeichnen, Arad,Rumänien
    2008-2012 National Salon of Decorative Art, Bukarest, Rumänien
    2001- 2006 National Salon of Art, Bukarest, Rumänien
    1997- 1998  International Salon of Art, Resita, Rumänien

    • Doina Ionescu

      Doina Ionescu