Exhibition: October, 8-31, 2020
Extended until December 1, 2020

Tue-Fr 12:00-6:00pm

On request tours through the exhibition/gallery outside opening hours.


Her works occasionally only reduced to stripes, almost geometrical compositions, but behind this hides the reproduction of atmospheric phenomena or the subtle recreation of color moods as they result from observing the water or the sky reflected in it.


She studied in Vienna and Holland, lived in South America, Germany, Austria and always registered her surroundings with alert senses. Her art is international and yet very personal, is coloristic-Austrian disciplined, enlightened and sensitive, but never sentimental.


They are part autobiography, to a landscape to which Moje Menhardt has felt closely connected since childhood. Some of these paintings were taken in her open-air studio on the ruins of Weitenegg, the northern bank of the Danube, Melk Abbey. Wolfgang Hilger