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April 28 through May 27, 2016 – VERFÜHRUNG DER ABSTRAKTION

April 28 through May 27, 2016 – VERFÜHRUNG DER ABSTRAKTION

Dana Constantin & Marcel Bunea
CURATOR: Ruxandra Demetrescu

Wednesday April 27, 7pm
The artists and the curator will be present.
CLOSING EVENT: Mai 27, 7pm


2.Poster constantin bunea_V2
Marcel Bunea | Acryl on canvas

Marcel Bunea, born on March 20th, 1952, in Cisnădie, Sibiu (Romania) is a graduate of The Institute of Fine Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu”, Bucharest (Romania). Currently he is PhD Associate Professor and Head of the Painting Department at The National Fine Arts University, Bucharest

The painting of Marcel Bunea is characterized by the thrift of resources of a strictly geometrical abstractionism, defined by strong vanishing lines dominating the composition, especially in Spațiile permutaționale /Exchangeable spaces. The impenetrable density of the acrylic paint reflects the sharp dynamism of the painterly gesture, which is defined by the straight line and flat brushstroke. Ruxandra Demetrescu

Dana Constantin, born on July 12, 1962, in Targu Mures (Romania), is a graduate of the Art and Design University / Specialization Painting /”Ion Andreescu” (Romania). Currently she is Professor at the Art and Design Faculty/Painting department / The Western University Timisoara (Romania).

From opacity to translucency, the painting of Dana Constantin crosses against the grain the way of modernity: the artist’s transparencies and monochromies have an ineffable haptic dimension, beyond the visual one: the quality of the endless, fine layer of painting reminds us that the painting is (also) a technical virtuosity, which covers and exposes magic at the same time. Ruxandra Demetrescu