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    January 15, 2015 – LITERARY EVENING

    January 15, 2015 – LITERARY EVENING


    at FIVE FLUS Art Gallery, 6pm

    Within the framework of the exhibition “Colours of Moldova” we are holding a literary evening. Actors of the theater Pygmalion will recite poems by Mihai Eminescu in German and Romanian. They will be musically accompanied by pan flute player Andreea Chira and by pianist Adrian Gaspar.

    Selected poems of the journalist, novelist and poet Mihai Eminescu will be read out. He was born as Mihai Eminovici on January 15 1950 in Moldova (Romania). He published his poems with 16 and with 19 he came to study in Vienna. He attended lectures at the Faculty of Philosophy and Law. He was an active member of the Juminea Literature Society and worked as an editor at “The Time”, the official newspaper of the Conservative Party. He died under mysterious circumstances on June 15 1889 in the Caritas Institute, a sanatorium. Eminescu is considered the most important Romanian poet of the 19th  century  and often used in his poems mythological and metaphysical subjects.