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    October 20 through November 20, 2015 – 5+KunsTour/PAKAT

    October 20 through November 20, 2015 – 5+KunsTour/PAKAT

    invite you to the exhibition of the Sculptor Ion Màndrescu

    PAKAT SUITES HOTEL, Mommsengase 5, 1040 Wien

    Ion Màndrescu belongs to the most important contemporary sculptors of Romania. Under the title “Man, Time, Space” the FIVI PLUS Art Gallery offered him for the first time an exhibition in Austria, which was also named after his motto. Màndescus bronze sculptures standing in the tradition of the classical realism, extend this to a game of dynamic and ambivalence. His sculptures are characterized by distortions, who set expressionistic up to abstract accents. Through Màndrescus virtuosically technic, twisted body figures merge with representational wheel shapes to an ambiguous philosophical and metaphysical unity. His monumental works are found at important public places, including in Bucharest, Romania (historical center), or in Strasbourg, France (Palais de l’Europe).

    As part of the 5+art tour project series, Ion Màndrescus bronze sculptures will be presented in the ambience of the PAKAT SUITES HOTEL, thus can they also offer their guests a very special experience.

    The artworks will be displayed until 20.11.2015, in the lobby and garden of the hotel. Looking forward to you are Mr. Christian Kuhnelt, Director of the PAKAT SUITES HOTEL and Valentin Norbert Tarus, Managing Partner of FIVE PLUS Art Gallery.