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    April 5 through April 18, 2017 – FARBLICHE INTERFERENZEN

    April 5 through April 18, 2017 – FARBLICHE INTERFERENZEN

    OPENING EVENT: Tuesday, April 4, 2017, 7pm
    The artists will be present.
    DURATION OF THE EXHIBITION: 5-18. April 2017

    Marinela Mantescu mixes colours and gently intertwines them, avoiding any form of stiffness, sharp outlines and sharp angles. Objects, human figures and plants fall into fragments in her paintings, collapsing irrevocably, as if they have only been created right now. Marinela’s works are alive and explosive.

    Stefan Pelmus is a contemporary painter with an unique visual style and his works are deeply rooted in Romania folklore. Pelmus aims to create a world-metaphor and in his works you can find  Christian symbols, Cyrillic signs, shamanistic and esoteric symbols from different kind of cultures.


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