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    Adelina Cacio


    Adelina Cacio  (1988) was born and grew up in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She currently still resides here after graduation from the University of Arts and Design and since then has been constantly shifting from one medium to another, depending on every new found interest and the manner in which she saw fit to express it. Having a more rational mindset, she has been lately focusing on minimal and analytical drawings on paper, done both in pencil and oil pastel. Her images reflect some sort of surreal cosmic phenomena artificially induced in a pristine white void. By altering phases of research with drawing sessions, these images actually present a visual theory about the sense of things investigated in each phase.

    2010 B.A., University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    2012 M.A., University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


    2015 “Unfinished business”, Visual Kontakt Gallery, Oradea, Romania


    2016 “Resurrected”, curator: Ada Muntean, FIVE PLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
    2016 “Resurrected”, curator: Ada Muntean, Urania Palace, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


    2010 “De Caravaggio vers nouveaux approaches dans l’art contemporain”, Louvre Museum, Paris, France


    Forget youre alive

    In a scientific view of the world where relativity and quantum mechanics describe very acurate laws that still cannot be reconciled into oe universal theory of everything, we still go on living out lives in this same paradox we perceive as reality, incapable of actually understanding it. Although we strive for an existence build around strong values and kindness, simply just to make the best of it, we also act willingly by doing the exact opposite despite our solid convictions. This is also a paradox, though on a more personal level, ut one we also fail to understand. Since we cannot yet grasp the sense behind either of these conundrums, at least we can reflect upon them by analysing one through the other and imagining a scientific metaphor for our ambiguous and volatile selfs.