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    Amalia Dulhan

    She born in 1985 in Bucharest, Romania received her Master of Fine Art and her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Art University of Bucharest.

    “Amalia Dulhan offers an exclusive view to an intimate world where the Self blossoms, sometimes burns or restrains itself, releasing energies that take the form of geometrical patterns, floral motifs or fantastic creatures, according to various emotions, experiences and influences. It seems like an unstable and quite hard to control entity, almost like a demon with its own existence and will inside a time and space that you’ve always considered yours. When the Self expands enough to intersect with the Other, a new relationship unfolds. Beyond the appearance of happiness an imminent end always threatens the moment of love, incapable of manifesting outside the senses, as something that is only now and lasts no less and no more than a beat of the heart or the hold of a hand.”  The Re:Art



    2003-2009 National University of Arts Bucharest, Faculty of Graphic Art, Bucharest, Romania

    GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selected):

    2015 “Bucharest Contemporary”, FIVEPLUS Art Gallery, Vienna
    2013 “It’s all about women”, Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest
    2012 “LANDisGALERIE”, Möriken, Switzerland
    2012 “Pink Kitty Candy” @ Home Matasari
    2011 “SilenceKILLS”, Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest
    2011 “Figure In/Figure Out”, LC Foundation Gallery, Bucharest
    2010 “Arca lui Noe”, with “Clubul Ilustratorilor”, D Gallery, Bucharest and ICR Venice
    2009 “DE SE NU?” , D Gallery, Bucharest
    2009 “You are here” with NAG 3, [d] Gallery, Bucharest
    2008 “Illustrate this”, Dean Clough Galleries, with “Clubul Ilustratorilor” at Halifax, Great Britain
    2007 “Evicted” , Atelier 35, with Radu Oreian and Stefan Ungureanu, Bucharest