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    Ana Banica


    1978 born in Craiova, Romania
    2002 National University of Arts, Department-Graphic Design , Bucharest, Romania
    2003 National University of Arts, Diploma of Advanced Studies
    2000 Founder member of  Puls 1000
    2002 Founder member of  Approximately 28
    Member of the Association Art ist not dead

    SOLO EXHIBITIONS (selected):

    2017 “Out of the Blue”, Moebius Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2017 “A+B”, FIVE PLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
    2011 “Badly Happy: Pain, Pleasure and Panic in Resent Romanian Art, Performance Art Institute, San Francisco, USA
    2008 “Estradiol”, H’art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2008 “C18H2402″, drawings, H’art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2007 “d.s.o./\o.s.b”, duality, symmetry, mirroring, paintings and drawings, Cultural Institute, Paris, France
    2006 “In a Summer full of Sunshine, I sewed”, stitches, H’art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2005 ” When Artist ruled the World”, paintings and collage, HT003 Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2004 “Tribute to Frida Kahlo”, paintings, Frida Club, Novi Sad, Serbia

    GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selected):

    2016″Retelling Love II”, Go Contemporary
    2016 “Retelling Love”, Parallel Vienna, Austria
    2015 “From Love, Moral Facts”, Exhibition “Two”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania
    2015 “A+B”, Live Drawing Performance, NAG#9, Bucharest, Romania
    2009 “In the Name of Love”, Installation, Brancovenesti Palace, Mogosoaia, Romania


    2008 Henkel Award for Drawing, Romania
    2006 “Constantin Brancusi” Scholarship, Cite des Arts, Paris, France


    Works in private collections in Romania, Austria, France, Great Britain and USA


    2016 Book “A+B”, Publishing House Vellant, Romania

    Declaration:  To be an artist in Romania is beautifully complicated, painful otherwise and it must be naturally uninterested. As a Romanian artist, one has a great advantage: one can never get bored, because one never lacks inspiration. Only very rarely does one glow or feel the taste of success. Art is an embryo in Romania, there is still long before the development of the fetus and the child that will be born will have an extended adolescence and childhood. Thus Romanian art, following tradition, will need various steps, strength and quality, true parents and, not last, a miracle, until the point when it will achieve an otherwise natural maturity. To be an artist here is complicated because one lives in a transit society, an unstable society where the artist has no statute, nothing supports him, nothing encourages him, nothing motivates him, except for his ambition and his inner structure as an artist. When one is an artist in Romania one is alone on the road.