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Constantin Pacea

He was born in 1957, in Bucharest, Romania. Shortly after graduating the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest in 1981 he opened his first solo exhibitions and was invited to show his work abroad. In 1985 he settled in Paris and in 1992 set up a summer studio in Altea (Spain). He currently divides his time and creative energy between Paris, Altea, and Bucharest. The artist opened solo exhibitions in Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, and the US,  as well as in his native Romania.


Forever seductive and secluded, islands hold a fascinating grip over our collective imagination, recalling countless associations, be they mythological, narrative or visual.  Far from the world, islands are places of salvation, magic destinations where hidden treasures await to be discovered and new experiences to be explored. Alluring to both seamen and artists, they insidiously tempt the more adventurous to test their strength, to broaden their horizon, to flex their imagination. Pacea is one of them, using La Isleta to take a deep plunge into the mythology of the island.

The artist looks into the sea, and as we follow his gaze we see the island emerging before our eyes. Regardless of the media employed, La Isleta subtly changes its form to reflect the light and the colours of the artist’s feelings and states of mind. And following this metamorphosis, the onlooker is subtly persuaded to dive  into his inner self, reflecting on his own island-driven associations.

The artist seems to follow into Monet’s footsteps: like his illustrious predecessor’s water lily studies,  Pacea’s La Isleta is merely a pretext to explore the rich connections between outer form and inner feeling, between the world outside and that inside of us. There is never the faintest clue as to his having ever set foot on the island: La Isleta remains forever the dream island of unexhausted possibilities.


1957 born in Bucharest, Romania


2014 “Constantin Pacea: A Retrospective”, an exhibition on his entire career, National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest, Romania
2014 “Constantin Pacea: La Isleta”, Five Plus Art Gallery,Vienna, Austria
2006 The Schlotter Foundation, Altea Spain
1998 Eberhard Schlotter Foundation in Altea, Spain.
1994 “one man show”, The Ionel Petrov Gallery , International Art Fair of Gand, Belgium
1989 “Magician of My Land”, Caroline Corre Gallery, Paris
1986 Creative Period (1980-1986), Gallery 44 , Kaarst-Düsseldorf, Germany
1984 Rafael Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
1984 Rautenberg Gallery of Aix-la-Chapelle, France


2012 “Interior Gardens”, Maket Gallery, Paris
2008  “Agents”, The Nordenhake Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
1993 Madrid’s Riol Gallery, Madrid, Spain
1992 Exhibition alongside sculptor Jan van Depol at the Gijzenrooi Gallery of Geldrop, Netherlands
1991 Salon des Arts Graphiques of the Grand-Palais, Paris, France
1988 “Signs, Schemes, Images”, Acropolis Gallery , Nice, France
1989 “Book Delirium”, at the Cultural Centre or Boulogne-Billancourt
1986 International Contemporary Art Fair of Chicago, United States
1983 4th Barcelona drawing competition, Spain
1981  “Lis81” ,  Lisbon’s National Art Gallery, Lisbon
1981 “Arteder 82”, Museum of Modern Art, Bilbao, Spain
1981 Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland