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Cristian Sida

He was born on 13 April 1974 in Arad (Romania); he graduated at the Fine Arts Department of West University in Timisoara and continued his studies at the Sorbonne in Paris. He is a member of the Romanian Fine Artists’ Union. Very dynamic and totally committed to his art, Sida currently holds a teaching position at the Timisoara Fine Arts Academy.

Sida’s solo exhibitions in Paris, Bucharest and major cities throughout Romania are complemented by the artist’s active participation in various international group exhibitions; this however, is the first time his works are shown in Vienna. He was a Catul Bogdan Award and a National Youth Award nominee and received a Romanian Fine Artists’ Union national fellowship.


Cristian Sida’s paintings open up an excitingly colourful world full of philosophical underpinnings. The viewer is caught in the middle of a powerful struggle in which abstract and figurative often change places in a surprising manner. The artist works as if possessed by the urge to genuinely and consistently explore the full range of expressive means of the visual language he employs.

A restless quest, a troubled self
During the creative process, the canvas acts like a ‘hortus conclusus’, an enclosed garden that opens in front of us revealing a deep inner unrest. Compact forms and structures break under our eyes releasing strong emotions. It is as if the artist’s entire life is at stake: his fears, insecurity, panic attacks and attempts to break free all burst in a massive explosion of colours.

Cristian Sida reinvents himself again and again. He tackles new issues, conceives new leitmotifs and imagines new cycles. Yet all his works feature a recurrent spontaneity that surfaces throughout his highly personal, emotionally rich imagery. French art critic Alain Leduc suggestively describes Cristian Sida’s painting as ‘narrative dripping’: drops of colours and shapes which tell an unending story. (A. Altmann)

Translation: Codruta Cruceanu



1974 born in Arad, Romania


2013 Multiverse, 418 Gallery, Bucharest
2013 Museum of National Art, Izmir, Turkey
2012 Galeria Artyourself, Bucharest
2012 Galeria Artclub, Paris
2012 Galeria Jezca, Timisoara
2010 Galeria Triade, Timisoara
2007 Galeria Calina, Timisoara
2006 Galeria Senso, Bucharest
2005 Galeria Artei Bucharest
2003 Galeria Helios, Timisoara
2001 Galeria Les Creations Du Possbile, Paris
2000 Espace Saint Honore 152, Paris
2000 Galeria Delta, Arad


2012 Halle Des Expos, Saint Lo, France
2012 Estethique, Espace Culturel La Gare, Mericourt, France
2012 Barrique Art 2, I.C.R. Budapest
2012 Espace La Gare, Resistances 1, Mericourt, France
2011  Gentioux, Franța
2011 Bienala Internațională Meeting Point, Arad
2010  Expoziția Bienala Totem 1, Galeriile UAP, Târgu-Mureș
2009 Bienala Internațională Meeting Point, Arad