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Dacian Andoni

He was born on 30 December 1962 in Arad (Romania) and studied painting at the George Enescu Arts University in Iasi and later became a member of the Romanian Fine Artists’ Union. This highly versatile and creative artist doubles up as a thoroughly knowledgeable professor; he currently teaches at the Timisoara Fine Arts Academy.


At first sight Andoni’s works look melancholic, tender and serene. Yet the deeper his paintings absorb us, the more we sense the transient quality of things, the hidden drama and inner tension. In each and every work the artist apparently steps back to take a distance as if willingly tracing back his steps to blend an objective outsider’s view with a keen glance into his inner self.


The artist has a unique capacity to balance painterly gestures and flat surfaces viewed as empty space waiting to be filled in. Compact shapes contrast with a restrained colour range based on shades and tones whose subtle richness is highly reliant on light. The series of works shown here feature countless, plastically modelled greys superposed to build a thick veil of time which, in one go, envelops the transience and permanence of matter.
Forceful and monumental, Andoni’s architectural structures radiate a somewhat gestural expressiveness.

It seems as if Dacian Andoni’s aim is to rephrase the classical. In his attempt, the artist never calls rigid formalism to the fore but rather a strong inner cohesion. His formal solutions are of a large, structural type whereas from a graphic perspective, line emerges as the organic, nature-inspired unifying element. (A. Altmann)

Translation: Codruta Cruceanu


1962 born in Arad, Romania 1993 “George Enescu” Iasi University, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design – Painting, Iasi, Romania
2005 Visual Arts
2007 –present Art Teacher, University of Arts and Design, Timisoara, Romania


2012  “Constructie si memorie”, The Brancovenian Palace Complex of Mogosoaia, Romania
2011 “Pamant Transfigurat” Arcade 24 Gallery, Bistrita, Romania
2011 “Pamant+constructie” , Art Museum Timisoara, Romania
2009  “Dincolo de materie”, Dana Gallery, Iasi, Romania
2009  “Dincolo de materie”, Art Museum Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2007 “Intre memorie si uitare”, Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Venice, Italy
2006  Painting exhibition, Administrative Palace Timisoara, Romania
2004  “…prin cele ce se vad”, Sabina&Jean Negulescu, Bucuresti, Romania
2003 “Timp, Culoare si Simbol”, Maison de l’Europe, Hôtel de Coulange Paris, France


2014 “Artcontempo”, FIVEPLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austia
2010 “Sa nu ucizi”, TIMCO Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2009, 2007, 2005 Arad International Art Biennale Arad, Romania 2008 Painting Symposium Ciric, Iasi, Romania
2006 “30 de ani de picture la Tescani”, Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2004 “Lumina, fenomen fizic, motiv si symbol artistic”, Szeged, Hungary
2003 Magyar Képzömüvészek es Iparmüvészek Szövetség, Budapest, Hungary
2003 Montmartre en Europe Festival, Paris, France
2002 “Stare de Craciun”, Galeria28, Timisoara, Romania
2000 Thuillier Gallery, Paris, France 1999 XXIV Salon International des Arts,  Buxieres-les-Mines, France
1999 “Intre 30 si 60”, Romanian Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
1998 Academie des Artistes de L’Europe Centrale, Paris, France
1996, 1994 Durer Art Museum, Gyula, Hungary
1994 Romanian Cultural Center, Vienna, Austria
1990 International Youth Arts Festival Ankara,Turkey