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Ion Mandrescu

He was born on 13 June 1954 in Mihoveni, (Suceava county, Romania). He graduated sculpture at the Bucharest Fine Arts University. In 1984 he became a member of the Romanian Fine Artists’ Union. Mândrescu counts as a major representative of Romanian figurative sculpture. His works show a deep commitment to classical realism in both composition and style.

In 2003 a major retrospective was held at the National Contrceni Museum. As of 1994 he is represented by the Valmyor Gallery in Paris an has countless work in private collections. In 2004 the bronze culpture “Man, Time, Space” was donated to the Council of Europe which included it in its permanent collection.


Mandrescu first approached the theme “Man, Time, Space” back in 1985 and never ceased exploring it: it became one of his current motifs. The viewer is drawn into a game of abstract and formal structures that often switch places. His bronze sculptures are the embodiment of metaphorical expressions: the materialize ‘a way of feeling’ (Baudelaire), of ‘stirring emotions’ (Thore), an inner dramatic tension. There is no room here for the trivial and the ephemeral of everyday life.


In his concentric quest for the truthful rendition of movement and expressivity, Mandrescu will often cross borders and stop short of nothing. tense muscles, twisted limbs, curves and turns, building gestures, elastic bodies. Many of his pieces speak of pain in its most intimate yet astonishing compelling form. In a masterful twist, Mandrescu makes strikingly realistic limb studies into powerful monumental sculptures: these are no classic bozzetto-like pieces but rather genuinely accomplished works of art. Ana-Maria Altmann

Translation: Codruta Cruceanu



1954 born in Mihoveni, Romania
1976-1980 University of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania


2015 “Man, Time, Space”, FIVE PLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2004 Palace Museum Controceni, Bucharest, Romania
2003 Galleries Orizont, Bucharest, Romania
1995 “Man,Time, Space”, Gallery Akkan Valmay, Salon International d’Art de Strasbourg, France 1988 Gallery Simeza, Bucharest, Romania
1984 Galleries Orizont, Bucharest, Romania


1993 Romanian Culture Centre Paris, France
1991 “Man, Time, Space”, Sevilla, Spain