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Ioan Nemtoi

He was born on 14 January 1964, in Trusesti (Botosani county, Romania).  A graduate of the Bucharest Fine Arts Academy in 1991 (Ceramics – Glass – Metal Department), and a member of the Romanian Fine Artists’ Union, Nemtoi is a ground-breaking glass artist of our time.

His works are on permanent display at private galleries in Romania and abroad: Nemtoi Gallery, Bucharest, Nemtoi Glass Art Gallery, Elvej (Denmark), Artech Gallery, SoHo / New York (USA). Nemtoi’s sculptures and installations are featured in public and private spaces and are on view in museums, galleries and private collections in Romania, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, USA.


Glass is hard. Glass is smooth. Glass is warm. Glass is cold. Glass rings. Glass breaks.
Nemtoi takes one of the most fragile materials in the world and turns it into opulent, powerful works of art. The contrast thus created between fragility and strength is a forceful reminder of a mysterious world that hides every so often behind the mask of everyday things.

Contrasting pairs

Secrecy and the obvious form a strikingly contrasting pair that shows through the artist’s choice of materials and colours. Alarmingly red tones point a finger towards a culture where mix reigns supreme, blending everything and obscuring the view, puzzled by the fact that nothing is really what it seems to be: the frailest of forms often make a strong statement, the purest of thoughts put on a sensational grimace. And yet such views are not at all meant to make us think of the world as the sum of its antagonisms. More than anything else, Nemtoi’s works remind us of a present which forces us to simultaneously take all possibilities into account. (A. Altmann/L. Altmann)

Translation: Codruta Cruceanu


1964 born in Trusesti, Botosani, Romania
1991 The Academy of Fine Arts – Bachelor in Ceramics – Glass – Metal, Bucharest, Romania
1991-1993 documentation stage in Sweden, at Kosta Boda Workshops, offered by the Bucharest Fine Arts Academy


2004-2005 Nemtoi at McLaren / My Extravaganza relocated, McLaren Technology Center, Woking, Surrey, UK
2004  My Extravaganza, installation and sound surround, and Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, UK
2003  Kraft der Farben, functional art, Jacob Bach Gallery, Düsseldorf
2003 Genesis, installation, World Trade Center, Rotterdam & World Trade Center, Amsterdam Schiphol / Airport
2003 – Water and Fire, installation and sound surround, Cotroceni National Museum, Bucharest, Romania
2002 – The Betrayal, installation, Artech Gallery, SoHo / New York
2002 – Eden, installation, Romanian Cultural Center, Paris


2013 Travelling lights, FIVEPLUS Art Gallery, Vienna
2003 Waterland Neeltje Jans Museum, Netherlands
2003 International Art Fair, West Palm Beach
2002 Exelmans Gallery, Maaseik, Belgium
2002 World Trade Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2002 Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf
2001 Glass Art Fair, Osaka, Japan
2000 World Trade Center Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2000 Lineart Art Fair, Gent, Belgium
2000 International Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark
1999 Glass Art Exhibition, Tucson, Arizona, USA
1998 Glass Exhibition, World Trade Center, Bucharest, Romania
1997 Glass Art Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
1996 Art Exhibition, Paris, France
1994 Art Exhibition, Gjovik, Norway
1991 International Glass Exhibition, Kanazawa, Japan
1990 “16-22” Exhibition, Dalles, Bucharest, Romania
1989 Glass and Ceramics Art Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania
1988 Republican Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania


2002- Artech Gallery, SoHo / New York, USA – private gallery
2000- Nemtoi Glass Art Gallery, Elvej, Denmark
1998- Nemtoi Gallery, Bucharest, Romania – private gallery


„Green Fantasy”, Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf, Germany
„Aphrodite” and „Poseidon”, Waterland Neeltje Jans Museum, Zeeland, Netherlands
„Bread and Fishes”, UNICEF Headquarters, New York, USA
„Genesis”, White House, Washington DC, USA