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Istvan Betuker


He is a young and promising painter from the Cluj School of Art, Romania; born in 1984 in Satu Mare, at the border with Hungary, the artist graduated from the Art and Design University of Cluj Napoca, the city where he currently lives and works. Istvan Betuker is a highly skilful painter that masters all classical techniques of the medium, ranging from oil to watercolor and non-conventional pigments, applied on canvas, paper or board.



1984 born in Satu-Mare, Romania
2009 MA at the University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, Romania
2013 PHD,University of Art and Design, Painting Department, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


2015 EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaujvaros, Hungary
2015 FRAGILE, Zorzini Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2015 COLORED FIELDS, Galerie Popy Arvani, Paris, France
2014 FORAY INTO ABSTRACT, Bazis Contemporary Art, Cluj Napoca, Romania
2013 DERIVES, Galerie Popy Arvani, Paris, France
2011 GIL, Galerie Popy Arvani, Paris, France
2011 SLEEPERS, event of Artekne Contemporary Artfair, Chiesa Santa Maria di Armenis, Matera, Italy
2010 BRUITS ETOUFFES, Galerie Popy Arvani, Paris, France
2010 ISTVAN BETUKER, White Project (in collaboration with Prometeo Gallery, Milan), Pescara, Italy 2008 IDLE, Bazis Contemporary Art Gallery, Romania
2008 IDLE, Bazis Contemporary Art Gallery, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania
2008 IDLE, Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2008 ERRANCE, Galerie Popy Arvani, Paris, France


2016 Bucharest Contemporary, FIVE PLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2014 ABSORBTION, Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2014 HIDDEN FIELD, Bazis Platform + Ultrastudio, Pescara, Italy
2013 LUNCHEON ON THE GRASS, Viltin Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2013 MUTATIONS, Bazis Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany
2013 DEFINING/CREATING, Larm Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 EUROPIAN TRAVELLERS – ART FROM CLUJ TODAY, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary
2012 CLUJ MEETS BERLIN, Bazis Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany
2011 WELCOME TO THE UNCANNY VALLEY, BAZIS Contemporary Art Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2011 SPARTA, Circolo Aternino / Piazza Garibaldi / Galleria White Project, Pescara, Italy
2010 IN THE EYES OF MY BROTHER, Larm Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010 Arvani, Paris, France
2009 GROWHT, Parti Gallery, Pecs, Hungary
2009 ROMANIAN ART TODAY, Tajan, Paris, France
2008 HUNGARIAN AND ROMANIAN ARTISTS, Plan B Gallery, Cluj, Romania
2007 7 , Parti Gallery, Pecs, Hungary
2007 HOMAGE A YVES KLEIN – the winners of the “Prix LVMH des jeunes createurs 2006-2007, Galerie de l’Association Le Pont Neuf, Paris, France


2007 Winner of the Preview Gallery Painting Competition, Cluj Napoca, Romania
2007 Winner of the LVMH (Louis Vuitton & Moet Hennessy) award 2006 – 2007, international competition In tribute to Yves Klein, Paris, France