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Iulian Bisericaru

He  lives and works in Sibiu, Romania. He graduated the Painting Department of the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca (RO), where he presently is a PhD candidate. Iulian Bisericaru’s works offer a negligent perspective that the human eye willingly avoids. Monumental yet fragile at the same time, his landscapes and structures seem to be fading away like forgotten traces of human kind. At the same time, these marginal, sometimes neglected and sometimes accepted sceneries of recent history become once more resuscitated for the collective memory by means of a complex range of painting effects.

Idealistic and ludic, usonian and utopian, Iulian Bisericaru’s oil paintings reveal the synergy of remote places and atemporal surroundings. In his latest series of paintings the architectural shapes juxtapose with the natural forms of the surrounding landscape in collages of thick brush-strokes intertwined with loose over-layers of paint. The clear-cut architectural lines contrast powerfully with the encroaching wilderness of the natural environment, as rich as it is empty of any human presence.

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural designs and their intricate negotiation with nature, Iulian Bisericaru continues to delve in the abstract and figurative elements of artificial landscapes. The tension is heightened, the layers of meaning are not just preserved in both architectural design and painting, but are instead multiplied in a plurality of points of views that merge in explosions of intense colours. The landscapes of toxicity are contoured by bright, neon nuances alternated with sharp lines and decisive colour zones which depict a brittle process of space regeneration and change.

Things and places are to be missed, while others are to be made contemporary in the interplay of stillness and transformation that Iulian Bisericaru willingly explores. The observer is invited to take a critical position towards the remains of the anthropocentric society and its present habitation. Iulian Bisericaru is continuously developing his study of architectural histories and possible futures in relation to its surrounding environment. Departing from a series of post-industrial landscapes from Romania that he painted in 2010-2013, he then shifted his focus from the production loci to living spaces and Wright’s usonian architectural designs. In his latest series he reveals the places hidden in plain sight with collages of micro-cosmoses that emerge from utopian architectural settings.


1987 born in Romania, lives and works in Sibiu, Romania
PhD candidate, Painting Department of the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania


2016 “Things will be missed”, Five Plus Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2015 “Influences”, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2015 “Usonia Into The Wild”, Anca Poterașu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2014 “The Backyard” Bucharest, Romania
2014 “Meet the artist” The Ark, Bucharest, Romania
2012 “Asphyxia”, Casa Matei, Cluj, Romania


2016 “System Error”, Warsaw, Poland [upcoming]
2016 Expo Maraton, Presentation of winning artists from
2011-2015, University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca in collaboration with the Museum of Art of Cluj-Napoca
2016 “Re: Fresh”, Paul Sima Gallery, Cluj Napoca, Romania
2016 “Extension.RO – Romanian painters“, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015 “System error“,  The National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2015 “Double Agency“, Spatiul Cazarma, Timisoara, Romania
2015 “The Superheroes Beyond the Carpathians“, Vienna Contemporary Fair, Austria
2012 “Expotransilvania“, Cluj, Romania
2012 “Girl Talk“, Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2009 Mirionima Gallery, Macerata, Italia
2009 Del Fuorn Gallery, Macerata, Italia
2007 “Omul“, X-Future Gallery, Sibiu, Romania