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    Laurentiu Midvichi


    1979 born in Tulcea, Romania
    2002 graduated from the National University of Arts (Mural Art Department), Professor Viorel Grimalschi, Bucharest, Roman
    2008-2013 grafic designer, Polirom
    2003- Member of the Union of Artists

    SOLO EXHIBITIONS (selected):

    2016 “Distel und Dornen”, Gemälde und Grafik, CART-Galerie, Pregarten, Austria
    2015 “ETAPE”, Gemälde, Gallery Artis, Slatina, Croatia
    2015 “ETAPE”, Gemälde 2004-2014, Museum of Art, Tulcea, Romania
    2014 “Contrasts Dobrogea”, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2014 “The Maze Runner”, painting exhibition, Hotel Select, Tulcea, Romania
    2014 “Fibras of Silencio”, Romanian Cultural Institute, Lisbon, Portugal
    2013  “Studies blindness”, painting, Millennium Gallery, Lisbon, Protugal
    2012 “The body of word”, painting exhibition, Gallery Royal Casino in Sinaia, Romania
    2012  “Maze”, painting exhibition, Art Gallery Horizon, Bucharest, Romania
    2011  Painting Exhibition, Art Gallery Transylvania, Brasov, Romania
    2010 Exhibition of paintings, Espaço Cultural Pedro Remy, Braga, Portugal
    2010 “Fibras of Silencio”, Literário Clube do Porto, Portugal
    2009 Painting Exhibition, Art Gallery, Hotel Silva Logs,
    2008 Painting Exhibition, Gallery Ana, Bucharest, Romania
    2007 “Nude”, painting and drawing, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
    2007  Exhibition of paintings, Art Museum Constanta, Romania
    2005  Painting Exhibition, Parliament Palace, Exhibition Hall “Constantin Brancusi”, Romania


    GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selected):

    2016 “Organische Mechanismen”, FIVE PLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
    2016  National Biennial of Contemporary Art “Nicolae Tonitza” edition, Bîrlad
    2016 “Open windows”, shedding Danube from its sources, Ruse, Bulgaria
    2016 “Longing for Italy”, painting, graphics, sculpture, Italian Institute of Bucharest, Romania
    2015  Aegyssus Biennial of Contemporary Art, Art Museum, Tulcea, Romania
    2015  Spring Salon, Gallery UAP, Tulcea, Romania
    2014 “Masks of the poet”, graphics exhibition, Casa Fernando Pessoa, Lisbon, Portugal
    2013 “Painters of today at Balcic”, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2012 “Unexpected”, Veroniki Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2011 “Ladies and gentelman”, Melenia Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2010 Gemälde, Melenia Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2009 “Eros of summer”, painting, graphic, sculpture, Veroniki Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2009 “Traces and signs – Highlights of human”, National Graphics contest, Museum of art, Tulcea, Romania
    2007 Galeria Aripa, Torino, Italy
    2007 Art Fair for visual arts, Bucharest, Romania
    2006 “Nud”, Orizon Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2005 “Aqua”, paintings and sculptures with Eugen Ilina, Romanian Navy Museum, Constanta, Romania
    2004 “Accents and fingerprints”, Artis Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2004 “Spring Salon”, Artis Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
    2003 “Poliedric”, “Omnia” Saal, Romanian senate, Bucharest, Romania
    2002 “Constantin Gavenea”, National contest of aquarelle und etching, Art Museum, Tulcea, Romania
    2001 “Atelier 35”, painting, Constanta, Romania
    1999 “Creativity for charity”, Tempo Advertising, Bucharest, Romania

    AWARDS (selected):

    2015 Special Prize, “Aegyssus” Biennale of Contemporary Art, Art Museum, Tulcea, Romania
    2009 “Art”, Foundation Award, Constance National Contest of Graphic “Traces and signs – Highlights of human”
    2006 Silver Medal, Arte e Cultura 2006 “Ionut Catalin Florea”, Salerno, Italy
    1997 Special Prize for Graphics, National Contest “Constantin Gaven” Tulcea, Romania
    1997 Second Prize, Exhibition cartoon “the doctor saw the children,” Arts High School, Tulcea, Romania

    MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS: Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, USA, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Peru, Italy and Australia.