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Loretta Stats

She was born in 1979 in Brasov (Romania) and began her training at the art high-school in her native town. She continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Professor Hubert Schmalix, focusing on painting and graphic art. In 2011 the artist received the Walter Koschatzky Art Prize. Loretta Stats lives and works in Lower Austria. Works by the artist have been on view in well-known galleries in Vienna as well as in some of the most important collections in Austria. Loretta Stats participated in countless solo and group exhibitions, her lively creativity acknowledged by the many awards she received.


At first sight, works by Loretta Stats look like colourful, if somewhat confusing, combinations of freely interwoven bizarre lines and colours.  Grids and figurative elements are layered on almost abstract colour fields. The motifs employed, reduced to mere contour lines, sometimes apparently vanish underneath: they define and at the same time control the painting. Conversely, the painting defines and controls them. However, upon closer inspection, spontaneously and randomly chosen subjects come to the fore: text fragments rub shoulders with trivial, quote-like elements of everyday life, be it personal or of general relevance.

The artist plays with perception as much as she does with the onlooker: depending on angle and focus point, familiar details take on and reveal new meanings. As if governed by optical illusion, new visual worlds emerge fostered by a game of hide and seek. This type of hiding away is, to quote Kafka’s 1911 Diary, “both visible and invisible. It is visible to those who discovered where to look, and invisible to those who have no clue as to what is still waiting to be discovered.” (S. Müllegger)

Translation: Codruta Cruceanu


1979 born in Brasov, Romania
1989 – 1997 Art Lyceum in Brasov, Romania
1997 – 2002 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: Painting and Graphic Art, Public Art by Prof. Hubert Schmalix

EXHIBITIONS (selected)

2012  Montag ist erst übermorgen | junge Kunst auf Papier, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2011 “Täuschmanöver”, Galerie am Lieglweg, Neulenbach
2010 “alteration”, Barbara Preyer Galerie, Vienna
2010  Art Amsterdam 10
2010  Accrochage, Barbara Preyer Galerie, Vienna
2009 “Frauenzimmer”, Brunnhofer Galerie, Linz
2009  Tease Art Fair -# 3, Cologne
2008  “I dont like it but i guess things happen this way”, Barbara Preyer Galerie, Vienna (solo )
2008 “Parasite/Paradise”, Forchtenstein Castle, intervention at the Esterhazy collection,cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna
2007  Exhibition of the nominees – aquisitions, Koschatzky Art Prize, Imperial Stables, Mumok, Vienna
2006  Junger Sommer, Wolfgang exner Gallery, Vienna
2005 “Dreaming my dreams”, Suppen Contemporary Gallery, Vienna
2005  Artissima 12, Torino, Italy
2004  Vienna City Hall
2003 “No man’s dream – no mainstream”, 20er Haus , curator: Dr. Ingrid Brugger
2002 “Urban Perspectives”, Suppan Contemporary Gallery, Vienna (solo)
2001 “Bild-Lust. Junge Malerei”, Harrach Palace, Vienna
2000 “Vor der Tür”, Graphic Collections, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
1999 “Young line 2nd – moving workroom”, Station 3 Gallery, Vienna


2011 Koschatzky Art Award 2011, 1st prize
2011 Lenzing Art Award , 1st prize
1998 Meisterschulpreis Award
1998 “Meisterschule in Meisterbetrieben”, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna , 3rd prize