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    Radu Ciobanu


    Academy of Arts “George Enescu” – Iasi, Sculpture-Department, Prof.Vasile Condurache, class of 1986
    1993- Member of the Artists Union of Romania

    SOLO EXHIBITIONS (selected):

    2009 Romanian Academy, Rome, Italy
    2007 Cultural Center, Ulm, Germany
    2006 Heller- Collection Exhibition, with works of Radu Ciobanu, Germany
    2000 Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania
    2004 Gallery Art’s on King, Toronto, Canada
    2001 Gallery Kormendi, Sopron, Hungary
    2000 Gallery Stadelmaier – Kaeweler, Germany
    1995 Romanian Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
    1987 Art Gallery, Satu Mare, Romania
    1995 County Museum, Satu Mare, Romania
    1993 Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania
    1991 Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania
    1986 Gallery Trianon, Iasi, Romania

    GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selected):

    2016 “Die Kraft der Materie”, FIVE PLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
    2014  Time Galerie, Vienna, Austria
    2013 Biennial of sculpture, painting and graphics, Arad, Romania
    2013 Biennale “Varsta de Bronz”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    2013 Personal exhibition, Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania
    2012 Annual Arts Colony for painters, Baia Mare, Romania
    2011 International Biennial “Constantin Brancusi” – Tg.Jiu, Romania
    2011 Biennale “Varsta de Bronz”, Cluj Napoca,¬†Romania
    2010 Exhibition of the UAP branch Satu Mare, Reszow, Polonia
    2010 “Conexiuni”-Baia Mare, Szentendre, Kecsemet – Romania, Hungary
    2008 “The Annunciation”, Art Gallery – Negresti Oas, Romania
    2006 Fontana group, Apollo Gallery,Bucharest, Romania
    1997 Essay Interior – Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania
    1996 Exhibition Radu Ciobanu – Ion Sasu, Museum of Art, Cluj Napoca, Romania
    1995 Drawing Biennial, National Exhibition, Arad, Romania
    1986 Biennial of painting and sculpture, Dalles, Bucharest, Romania
    1988 Biennale of painting and sculpture, Dalles, Bucharest, Rumania


    Art Museum, Brasov, Romania
    Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania