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Caratanase Razvan-Constantin


1985 born in Tulcea, Romania

2004-2008 National Academy of Arts, Bucharest, Romania
2008-2010 MA, National Academy of Arts, Bucharest, Romania
2010-2014 PhD, National Academy of Arts, Bucharest, Romania
2008- Lektor,

2010- Member of the Artists Union of Romania
2014- Engravers Union member, Budapest, Hungary
2015- Member of the Association of Artists Painters, Sculptors, Architects, Engravers and Draftsmen, Paris, France



He had 17 personal exhibition in Romania, Israel and the Republic of Moldova.


Razvan Caratanase had over 240 group and collective exhibitions among others in Romania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Japan, Greece, USA and Germany.


Participation¬†in multiple creative camps, workshops, symposia, conferences, scientific sessions etc. He was guest lecturer at the University “Ion Creanga”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, (2015), ¬†University “Konstantin Preslavsky”, Shumen, Bulgaria, (2014), Academy of Fine Arts “Albertia”, Torino, Italy (2013), Academy of Fine Arts, Turnai, Belgium (2013).