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    Sayomi Urlichs



    1958 born in Pereira Bereto, Brazil
    1975-1978 experimental painting with Manabu Mabe, Brazil
    1978-1980 drawing
    2002-2006 nude and portrait painting, special technique with Prof. Bruno Welke
    2003-2008 courses and further education in watercolor painting, confrontation with pastel chalk
    2006-2010 Diploma in painting and graphic design, Dortmund, Germany
    2009 continuing education with Prof. Markus Lüpertz, Germany

    EXHIBITIONS (selected):

    2017 “Jeder findet seine Illusion”, FIVE PLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
    2016 Galerie G18, Dortmund, Germany
    2015 Galerie G18, Dortmund, Germany
    2014 comissional work
    2013 Haus Broders, Hamburg, Germany
    2012 Köhler Haus, Dortmund, Germany
    2011 Haus Franken, Krefeld, Germany
    2010 Palace of Fine Arts, Krakau, Poland
    2009 Kunst- und Galeriehaus, Bochum, Germany
    2008 Galerie Camera Obscura, Dortmund, Germany
    1980 Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil