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Silviu Oravitzan

Silviu was born on 4 October 1941 in Ciclova Montana (Caras-Severin county, Romania). A graduate of the Fine Arts Department of the Timisoara University, Oravitzan  is a lfe-long member of various professional bodies in Romania and abroad. His works feature in public museums in Romania, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Belgium, and in private collections in Romania, Austria, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Greece, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, USA.


From line to square and on to triangle and circle: every form and every colour seem to have found their own rightful place in Silviu Oravitzan’s universe. This universe takes the guise of a code capable of revealing the full complexity of the world and the common features they share. A universe so often set in motion by a disquieting blurred memory, relegated to the darkest, dustiest corner of our mind yet ceaselessly surfacing to haunt us.


Oravitzan turns this memory into an imprint, a leitmotif: prompted by the question man asks ever and ever again about the beginning and the end, the artist multiplies the archetypal form of every human existence in inexhaustible metamorphoses: ‘Where are we coming from?’, ‘Where are we going to?’ Alpha and Omega are always staged and paced in a new, different manner, the questions are phrased in a different way, yet always and forever neutral, never, not once tempted by or attempting a universal answer. It is this particular logic of form that lends Silviu Oravitzan’s works their timelessness and power of attraction, without drawing the onlooker into any conscious struggle. Perhaps what makes it possible to answer the ever-present questions ‘Where from?’, ‘Where to?’ is just the artist’s simple, so well-articulated language. For is there anything more ever-lasting than the line, the square, the triangle, or the circle?  A. Altmann

Translation: Codruta Cruceanu



1941 born in Ciclova-Montană, Caraş-Severin, Romania
1958–1960 The Pedagogical Institute, Timisoara
1960–1963 University of Timisoara, Faculty of Fine Arts
1963 – 1970 Art teacher at “Iulia Hasdeu” Highschool  and “Coriolan Brediceanu” Highschool in Lugoj
1983 Grant, Paris, France
1984 Peer Mattsson Foundation Grant, Sweden


1999 Oravitan Gallery, New York
1998 Romanian Cultural Centre, Wien
1998 Silviu Oravitzan House de Watazzi, Luxembourg
1997 Tradition and Freedom. A plastic discourse: Silviu Oravitzan The French Cultural Centre, Timisoara, Romania
1996 – 1997, Silviu Oravitzan “La Galeria”, Luxembourg
1994 Oravitzan Mosonmagyarovaros – Centre for Culture and Arts, Hungary
1992 August Silviu Oravitzan-Cretu House der Begegnung, Meisenheim, Germany
1990 Route Bukarest – Berlin, Silviu Oravitzan The “Rudolf Schoen” Gallery, Berlin, Germany
1989 Oravitzan Aulheimer Muhle, Meinz, Germany
1987 Oravitzan, The “Helios” Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
1986 Silviu Oravitzan-Cretu The “Severin-Rautenberg” Gallery, Aachen, Germany
1985 Silviu Oravitzan-Cretu The “Dalles” Hall, Bucharest, Romania
1983 Silviu Oravitzan-Cretu “Galerie Berthe”, Paris, France
1982 Silviu Oravitzan-Cretu The “Pro Arte” Gallery, Lugoj, Romania
1981 Oravitzan-Cretu, painting exhibition Rithymina Hotel, Crete
1977 Silviu Oravitzan-Cretu, painting, drawing, travelling exhibition: Resita, Oravita, Baile Herculane, Caransebes, Romania
1975 Silviu Oravitzan-Cretu, “Caminul Artei” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
1972 Silviu Oravitzan – painting, “Galateea” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
1969 Silviu Oravitzan-Cretu, Tudor Tudan – painting,  “Dalles” Hall, Bucharest Romania
1968 Silviu Oravitzan-Cretu, painting exhibition, “Mihai Eminescu” Bookshop, Timisoara
1966 Painting exhibition (Silviu Oravitzan, Vladimir Strelet, Tudor Tudan), “Dacia” Hall, Lugoj


2013 Travelling lights, FIVEPLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
1998 Szín e változások Mücsarnok/Anastasia, Budapest, Hungary
1997 Christmas Exhibition, C. Flondor and Oravitan with students “Galleria 28”, Timisoara, Romania
1994 Painters from Lugoj at Szechard, House of Arts, Szechard, Hungary
1993 Arts romanes (obra actual damit paper), Catalunia, Barcelona
1992 The Translucent, “Bridge” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
1984 Ten Romanian Artists at Avartanian Gulbechian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal
1983 VI Bienal Internacional de Arte, Palacio Lyon, Valparaiso, Chile Exhibits: – “Slate for Re-writing the World 1”
1973 Anniversary Fine Arts Exhibition, Art Gallery, Timisoara, Romania, Exhibit: “Manifestation”
1970 The Painting and Sculpture Biennial, “Dalles” Hall, Bucharest, Romania


1980 Grand Prix of the Fine Artists’ Union of Hungary at “Hajduoszsormeny”, Debrecen, Hungary
1997 Citizen of Honour of Oravita, Romania


The Art Museum, Reszow , Poland
The Art Museum, Debrecen, Hungary
The Ministry of Light Industry Collection, Bucharest, Romania
The Peer Matson Foundation Museum, Vernanese , Sweden
The Royal Family Art Museum (The Prince Laurent of Belgium Collection) , Belgium























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  • Silviu Oravitzan

  • Silviu Oravitzan

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