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    Vlad Setran


    His stories are by no means new ones; his drawings are no word of caution and no means to show his dissatisfaction with the world around. To be honest, they are more of a means to bring together all the stories in the world. What opens before our eyes is life experiences and an amazing knowledge to turn every single moment in something rather unique. The past becomes inviolable, unconditionally sacred for the present. Traces, imprints and impressions remind us of the fact that every individual is but a part of a wider, larger, bigger whole, in which he/she is perhaps required to leave behind an imprint, an impression. The close relationship between humankind and the history of the world is not the only prominent feature in Setran‘s oeuvre to strike us as thoroughly familiar: so is the pleasant reunion with one’s own past. Rich, plastically vivid contrasts bring an overwhelming, forever present, almost ubiquitous, joy to the fore.

    • Setran