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Ion Mândrescu

man, time, space

Vernissage: Wed, May 27 2015, 7pm
exhibition: Thu, May 28 2015 – Thu, July 02 2015


My sculpture is my form of existence, my dialogue with the universe, the connection to the ideas that concern this world; because I speak through shapes and volumes and use the expression and the identity of volume.
Mândrescu about Mândrescu


Ion Mândrescu is one of the most influential contemporary Romanian sculptors and is exhibited with “man, time, space” for the first time in Austria. The exhibition name is derived from Ion Mândrescu’s leitmotif.
His bronze sculptures – following the tradition of classical realism – add the perspective of dynamics and ambivalence, they are characterized by distortions setting a course from an expressionistic to an abstract style.
Mândrescu’s virtuosic craftsmanship melts twisted bodies and wheel shapes into plurivalent philosophical and metaphysical entities.


I never wanted to fit into a formula. I am a free man, and freedom means being serious about what you are doing. For me it is important that I am not ashamed of what I have achieved.
Mândrescu about Mândrescu


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