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    IA-The Second Skin

    IA-The Second Skin

    and the Summer Party of our Gallery

    on Saturday, July 4th 2015, starting with 5pm, in Argentinierstr.41, 1040 Vienna

    “IA – the second skin” is a project of FIVE PLUS Art Gallery in collaboration with architect and fashion designer Ioana Corduneanu, dedicated to the Romanian traditional blouse.

    Its significance, not only for the national Romanian identity, but also as heritage: spiritual, sociological, historical, artistic – of great value, will be pointed out for the public. Our guests will be invited to take part in a unusual journey, decoding ancient symbols, admiring old, rare blouses and discovering modern interpretations.

    Sunday, July 5th 2015, 4pm-7pm the Gallery will host a workshop about old textiles and embroidery techniques, guided by Ioana Corduneanu. For more information and signing up, please contact us before 3.July 2015.