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November 17 through November 30, 2016 – ARTISTS TALK & MAKING OF “RESURRECTED”

November 17 through November 30, 2016 – ARTISTS TALK & MAKING OF “RESURRECTED”

Andreea Anghel, Anca Badea, Adelina Cacio, Cristina Coza-Damian, Oana Damian, Pavel Grosu, Ioana Iacob,
Norbert Dako-Graff, Elena Ilash, Tudor Juncan, Florin Marin, Corina Oprea, Daniel Popescu, Axenia Rosca,
Ozana Muresean, Alina Staicu, Herbert Cristian Stöger, Gabriel Stoian, Ada Muntean.
CURATOR: Ada Muntean

OPENING EVENT: Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 7pm
The curator will be present.
DURATION OF THE EXHIBITION: November 17 – November 30, 2016

“Resurrected ” is an artistic project that revolves around the concept of rebirth/reconfiguration/resuscitation/resetting, a high stake theme which is deeply rooted in contemporary man’s existence. It’s potential offers both the artists and their spectators the possibility to approach and interpret the concept in a personal manner, with the intent of offering a reflective and confessional experience. The exhibition is comprised of young fine artist, using different visual techniques: painting, sculpture, graphics and video installations on the theme of resurrection.

The project outlines itself as an artistic demarche to celebrate existence in a delicate social and political situation, both on a national and international level. Starting from particular and  getting to general, from tragic events like the accident in the Colectiv Club in Bucharest and terrorist attacks throughout the world – these events trace a fine line between life and death. The shocking event from Club Colectiv, with its heart-breaking consequences, “resuscitated” and “revived” the national conscience to take to the streets and provoke political change with the purpose of fighting against injustice that leads to death. Such a national mobilization appears as a fight for life itself and for the right to a dignified and bright existence. On an international scale as well, nations unite to fight against terrorism and its beliefs, to maintain peace and the values of freedom and democracy in the civilized world.