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April 02 through April 22, 2015 – PRESENT CONTINOUS

April 02 through April 22, 2015 – PRESENT CONTINOUS

Wednesday, April 01, 2015, 7pm
CLOSING EVENT: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 7pm

ARTISTS: Andrei Rosetti, Doina Reghis Ionescu


The stream of the present is the last form of resistance of art against entropy. Sooner or later absolute chaos in the shape of complete silence will dominate the world of objects, perceptions and emotions. As the last comprehensible structure the values of art are to be recognized as tiny, animate spot flashing up in the vast uniformity of silence. Gheorghe POGAN

The fine artists from Deva / Hunedoara look back at a long artistic tradition. From the 14th to the 19th century painters from the region as well as travelling artists from different parts of the country have worked here on a very high artistic level and have created works of art enriching the Romanian cultural heritage. In the 20th century Simion Hollόsy, Alexandru Popp and Nicolae Pascu made an important contribution to the artistic redevelopment of Hunedoara, aiming at the later foundation of a free school of arts in the region. This led to the emerging of an organisation constituted by a stable core of artists on November 02 1955 henceforth called “Petroşani Branch of the Association of Fine Artists of Romania”. In 1970 the “Club of Fine Artists” was founded in Deva, with lots of young artists applying for membership, and several artistically valuable exhibitions were organized. In 1979 both organizations were united under the name “Deva-Petroşani Branch of the Association of Fine Artists of Romania”.

During these last sixty years shaped by constant change since 1955 the professional artists from Hunedoara have followed a path of rich artistival activity and have taken part in the most important national as well as international cultural events. Permanent, long-term contact with an audience thirsty for developping and refining a trained taste for arts has been intensely cultivated, and this well-developped contact fortifies the conviction in these young artists, to whom art means life itself, that they play an important role in relation to the public.
Measured by the value of their own works theses artists from Hunedoara have contributed abundantly during their artistical activities to the legitimization of national culture and spirituality.

On the occasion of 60 years of the “Deva-Petroşani Branch” the FIVE PLUS Art Gallery exhibits all those artists whose artistic handwriting will outlast our lives and permanently give a vivid testimony of the beginnings of early modernity as well as of the rich cultural heritage of Hunedoara and Romania. Dr. Doina Reghiş IONESCU


Torino BocaniciuOtilia BocaniciuMircea BatcaMihai TopescuKalman Sztrharszky

Fazakas TiberiuDoina Ionescu ReghisAndrei RosettiAndreea PoenarAna Maria Rugescu